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Goodbye furs: It will be forbidden to kill fur animals

Gazette Vita- Italy continues to make exemplary decisions on nature, the environment, global warming and climate change. Following preparations to end the use of internal combustion engine cars, this time it signed an amendment to ban fur farms. Italy has decided to ban the production and farms of fur by voting on the bill, which provides for the closure of all fur farms remaining in the country within the next six months, at the budget meeting. The Budget Commission of the Italian Senate yesterday approved the amendment which would close 10 fur farms in the country within six months and would impose a permanent ban on fur production throughout Italy. It is believed that the decision will be approved by Parliament and the ban will enter into force as soon as possible.

With the maneuver, the ban on breeding, captive reproduction and killing of fur animals is triggered, as foreseen by an amendment, first signed by the group leader of Leu in the Senate, Loredana De Petris, approved by the Budget Commission of Palazzo Madama. The measure allows for a derogation to farms to keep animals already present in the facilities no later than 30 June 2022. And 3 million euros will be allocated for 2022 to compensate farms. “A long-awaited rule that puts us in line with other European countries and the rest of the world that have seen how unnecessarily cruel it is to breed these animals in captivity to make them the object of antiquated vanity”. Senator M5S Gisella Naturale, head of the agriculture commission of Palazzo Madama, commented on the amendment to the maneuver that prohibits the breeding, reproduction in captivity, the capture and killing of fur animals, and on the creation of the fund for 3 million to compensate breeders. The issue assumes very topical connotations also for the spread of viruses also through intensive farming.  This excellent news is added the allocation of an additional 2 million to the prevention of stray animals, the result of my amendment which, together with the 8 million in favor of animal shelters in municipalities in a state of predissesto or financial distress, represent an aid required by the territories to ensure protection and care for dogs awaiting adoption, as well as increase sterilization “.


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