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Italian espresso coffee is a candidate for Unesco heritage

Vita gazette – Italian espresso coffee is prepared by UNESCO to be an intangible heritage of humanity. After years of initiatives, signature campaigns and bureaucratic procedures, “espresso coffee”, one of the most important symbols of Italian culture in the world of culture, social life and literature from Venice to Naples, has been nominated for UNESCO.

The formalization was actually accomplished by combining two proposals: one from the Espresso Coffee Rite Community, which was born upon requests from the Treviso-based Consortium for the Conservation of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee, and the other from Neapolitan. Massimiliano Rosati and Michele Sergio, owners of Gambrinus, the historic bar symbol of ‘tazzulella’ in Naples and around the world, have made every effort to have espresso coffee recognized as a social and cultural aggregator.

In Italy, coffee means much more than a simple beverage. It is an integral part of our national identity. It is an expression of our sociability that makes us different in the world. It is ritual for us. It represents a social and cultural ritual that fascinates the whole country, from Naples to Venice, from Rome and Milan to the islands and our most remote villages. The decision was sent to the Italian National Commission for UNESCO. This request is expected to be approved in Paris by 31 March.

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