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Italy with one voice: No war!

Vita gazette – Italy has sided with one heart against the war. President Sergio Mattarella stressed that the frenzy of war endangers freedom, while Prime Minister Mario Draghi said: “The return of war in Europe cannot be tolerated”. While Pope Francis has called the war a “madness”, saving the world from the madness of war, he declared March 2 a “day of fasting and prayer”.

Mattarella: “War is madness”

President Mattarella described the events between Russia and Ukraine as a “war frenzy” and said that they would not accept the destruction of the peaceful environment that the European peoples had won in the last 70 years. He added: “Europe has not confined itself to rising from the rubble of war, great efforts have been made to create a world of mutual respect, cooperation and the pursuit of common goals. This world has managed to overcome the Cold War, the peoples of Europe do not want to submit to the principles of power. Europe is under threat today. The European Union does not intend to bow to the violence of power. Italians will be uncompromising, determined and united for the establishment of peace and tranquillity.”

Draghi: “The return of war in Europe cannot be tolerated”

Prime Minister Draghi stated that he felt that we were only in the first stage of a deep change in international relations of nearly 70 years since the end of World War II, he said, “We are facing an invasion that takes us back to the darkest days of European history. The aim is to destroy the entire Ukrainian defence system. To return to the war in Europe. It cannot be tolerated”. Reminding that Europe took sanction decisions for this, Draghi said, “This is just the first package, we are ready for more drastic measures. “Noting that Italy will do its part, Italy will offer 3400 armed forces to the NATO defence system”.

Pope: “War is madness”

Pointing out that conflicts of interest threaten everyone’s peace and tranquillity, Pope Francis called on those with political responsibility to “make a serious confrontation of conscience before God, who is the God of peace, not war”. The Pope declared March 2 a day of fasting and prayer to save the world from the frenzy of war. The Pope also cancelled all his programs and visited the Russian Embassy close to the Vatican. And he demanded an end to the bombings.

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