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Local elections 2021: The center left won in Italy

Vita gazette – The  local elections, which began on 3-4 October in Italy and were renewed in some places 15 days later, have ended. Especially in the big cities, including the capital Rome, the center-left parties have strengthened. Right-wing and populist parties were frustrated.

In the partial administrative elections held on 3-4 and 18 October in Italy, the people went to the polls to determine local governments in 1192 municipalities. In elections where the turnout was not high, the center left won over 50 percent of the votes in the first round, in big cities like Milan, Bologna, Naples, Ravenna, Salerno and Rimini. The center-right took Novara, Pordenone and Grosseto. The center-left of Milan, Bologna and Naples won in the first round respectively with Beppe Sala, Matteo Lepore and Gaetano Manfredi.

A second round of voting took place 2 weeks later in municipalities where candidates did not receive more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round, including the capital Rome, cities like Turin and Trieste. In the capital Rome, in the second round, the two most voted candidates, Enrico Michetti (30 per cent), candidate of the right-wing parties, and the candidate of the left-wing parties, the former left-wing finance minister Roberto Gualtieri (27 per cent ). Gualtieri was elected mayor of Rome in the second round.

While the Democratic Party was smiling all over the boot, the 5-star Movement continued the loss of votes it had collected at its debut, even in these elections. The mayor of Roma Capitale, Virginia Raggi, who re-proposed her candidacy in the elections, was ranked in the last place among the 4 candidates with 19 percent of the votes. Their votes have dropped from 420,000 to 112,000 in five years. Chiara Appendino won Turin, the capital of Piedmont, with 108,000 votes. Now this number has dropped to 24,000. In the north the votes remained minimal, from 2.7% in Milan to 3.4% in Bologna. The 5 stars have followed a similar trajectory throughout Italy.

While the League, led by Matteo Salvini, bled, the Brothers of Italy, led by Giorgia Meloni, continued to rise. It became the first party of the center-right, with votes in many places in the north, in Turin (10.5%), Bologna (12.6%) and Trieste (11.1%). With Milan (9.8%) he was only one point from the championship. The League received less than a third of the votes in the 2019 European elections in Milan and Turin. In Milan, the capital of the Lombardy Region, the votes fell from 157 thousand to 48 thousand, in Piedmontese from 106 thousand to thirty thousand.

The center-left conquers Rome with Roberto Gualtieri and Turin with Stefano Lo Russo in the ballot, completing the five major cities that began two weeks ago with Milan, Bologna and Naples. The center-right preserves Trieste. Gualtieri collects the legacy of Virginia Raggi and becomes the new mayor of Rome, winning the ballot with 60.15% and clearly winning the challenge with Enrico Michetti, a center-right candidate who stops at 39.85%.

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