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Italy towards openings: Green Pass without limits

If you have excess, no problem!

Vita gazette – Mario Draghi’s government has relaxed measures for the vaccinated. The two main points where the anti-covid rules were changed with the decree issued by the Draghi government on February 2 and which will enter into force as soon as it is published in the official gazette are green transitions and schools. According to this,

For those who have the 3rd dose of Covid 19 vaccine,

Those who have received the 2nd dose of vaccine and have recovered from Covid disease will be exempt from all kinds of restrictions… And the Green Pass Documents they have, which are obligatory to participate in social-public life, will be indefinite. Restrictions continue for the remaining segment.

Arrange for schools

According to the decree, in case of more than 5 cases in kindergartens and kindergartens, distance education will be started. In primary and secondary schools, only unvaccinated students will go to distance education, and those who are vaccinated will continue face-to-face education.

For tourists!

There is also news for tourists coming to our country and for foreigners in general. Especially for those who have a primary vaccination course but are not supportive or have been treated for more than 120 days. Tourists will ask for a document showing that they have had the Covid-19 vaccine or a document that they have recently had the disease, or a “Green Pass” document, which can be obtained with a negative test result in the last 48 hours.

While the rules in force until now have the risk of preventing tourism, a step was taken to support tourism with these decisions. For some, however, the need to take swabs will make life difficult for tourists. However, without this rule, tourists would not be able to access, for example, public transport, even local vehicles, or enter hotels and restaurants. Without this arrangement, foreigners vaccinated for more than 120 days would not be able to enter a hotel at all. And just to accommodate tourism, the government has determined that these rules also apply to vaccines that are not allowed in Italy. The decisions in the new decree come into effect as of February 7. Meanwhile, the European Commission is considering extending the extension of the certificate required for travel between member states until 30 June 2023.

Ministers belonging to the far-right League, one of the coalition parties, did not sign the decree on the grounds that it would cause discrimination among children as “vaccinated or unvaccinated”.

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