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The village of Piediluco

Piediluco, the dream village located on the hills at the foot of Monte Luco and Caperno, is open to travelers.

A little more than an hour from Perugia, perched on the hills at the foot of Monte Luco and Caperno, the small village of Piediluco opens up to travelers. An enchanted place that is reflected in the waters of the lake of the same name. The nature that surrounds it paints it with new colors from season to season. At any time of the year when you want to visit it is able to fascinate and welcome newcomers. In winter, the snow that often whitens the surrounding mountains frames it like the painting of a Christmas card and the houses of its just over five hundred inhabitants seem to huddle harmoniously around the visitor. In summer, if you get there, above all, on foot along the Via Francigena, you are refreshed by the coolness. In spring, the warm sun that warms the houses overlooking the narrow alleys restore the hearts of those who walk through them. While in autumn, even on a rainy day and the gray sky that darkens the waters of the lake, the colors of the foliage of the trees that surround it place their accent of color here and there: there is no sadness. Just a pleasant melancholy note. Perhaps it was not only for its strategic position but also for this change with each season that it was inhabited since the Bronze Age. He then met the Sabines and also the Romans. In 1700 and 1800 it was the destination of the Grand Tour. How not to share the choice! To leave us testimony of a view of the lake among the many there was also Camille Corot with his work Lago di Piediluco.

But also Goethe in his Journey to Italy and Byron who recommended the traveler to visit the small lake of Piediluco. It is unusual how this small lake mirror with an alpine atmosphere is not natural at all. However, it fits so closely with the surrounding nature that it becomes its focal point. Its presence is so important that the village itself is a fishing village. Also chosen by the Italian Rowing Federation as the seat of the National Rowing Center where young athletes live throughout the year learning to love the lake, nature, the village and its inhabitants becoming, who knows, like new travelers on a Grand Tour 2.0…

Anna Maria Tardiolo      

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