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Pope Francis’ appeal:

“The victims are increasing and the situation in Gaza is desperate”

Vita gazette – Pope Francis, spiritual leader of Catholics and president of the Vatican, said that the situation in Gaza is hopeless and called urgently to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

The Pope launched an “appeal to Gaza” to the world during the general reception held on Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

“Casualties are increasing, and the situation in Gaza is desperate. Please do everything possible to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. The possible widening of the conflict is worrying, while many war fronts are already open in the world. Let the weapons be silent; let the cry for peace of people with low incomes, people, and children be heard. War does not solve any problem; it only sows death and destruction, increases hatred, and multiplies revenge. On October 27, I have decided to call a day of fasting, prayer and penance to implore peace in the world.” Pope Francis said this during today’s audience in St. Peter’s Square.

On the morning of October 7, Hamas’ Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades launched an attack against Israel called the “Aqsa Flood.”

As thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, Palestinian armed groups stormed and seized the Beit Hanun-Erez border gate on the Gaza-Israel border.

From here, armed groups entered Israeli settlements, and the Israeli army attacked the Gaza Strip with dozens of warplanes.

It was reported that 1,405 Israelis, including 304 soldiers, died, and 3,968 Israelis were injured in attacks from Gaza.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 3,000 people died and 12,500 people were injured in Gaza in Israeli attacks.

It was claimed that 62 Palestinians died, and around 1,250 people were injured in attacks by Israeli forces and Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank.

Finally, at least 500 people died in the Israeli attack on the Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

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