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A new sushi case:

Ten people were poisoned in Naples!

Vita gazette – A renowned sushi restaurant in the heart of Chiaia, via Martucci, closed by the health authorities following several cases of suspected food poisoning.

Primitive societies discovered fire, and civilization was born through cooking. Today, however, raw food has become fashionable. Thus, the fatal consequences of food stored or produced in unhealthy conditions began to appear.

A sushi restaurant via Martucci in the Chiaia area of ​​Naples was closed by the ASL Napoli 1 and the Nas. The decision came after several cases of food poisoning. All young people who went to eat on Saturday with the “all you can eat” option. Afterwards, they suffered from headaches, nausea, vomiting and cramps. The symptoms began after dinner. Although they are not part of a single group but of at least two different groups, they all shared the tables at the restaurant on Saturday.

The boys began showing symptoms a few hours after dinner and later suspected that sushi could be the cause of their illness. On Monday afternoon, general practitioners reported cases of suspected food poisoning to the prevention department of ASL Napoli 1, thus leading to the restaurant’s inspection.

The temporary closure of the premises is accompanied by requirements regarding some structural and organizational aspects of the business, including disorder in the storage areas. Furthermore, food samples are taken and subjected to laboratory analysis to ascertain any toxicity or inadequate storage conditions.

Puca Piscopo, 15 years old, had died

Previously, 15-year-old Luca Piscopo had died in the Vomero neighbourhood of Naples. The autopsy report of Luca, who died after having dinner in a Japanese restaurant owned by a Chinese manager, has been sent to the family’s lawyer.

The report stated that he “died due to an infection with Salmonella bacteria.”

Luca had lunch at the restaurant with two friends on November 23, 2021. Luca fell ill together with two of his friends. Cases of high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea have been observed in young people. Luca died in his sleep seven days later. The restaurant was seized. Poorly stored and unmonitored food was found in the unsanitary kitchen.

The doctor who performed the autopsy described the cause of death as myocarditis due to salmonellosis. “A severe inflammatory disease of the heart muscle,” he wrote in the report. Luca had contracted myocarditis caused by salmonella bacteria due to food poisoning…

Eat raw fish and meat!

Experts point out that raw meat and fish carry Salmonella, Bacillus Cereus, Listeria monocytogenes and many other microorganisms. And they expressly point out that these lethal infections can easily infect foods at any stage of the production and consumption chain. Because these robust microorganisms can survive even if stored in the refrigerator at very low temperatures. Although experts report that vomiting and diarrhoea are among the most important symptoms of this infection, they also point out that cases lead to death if the patient is fragile. The effect of the infection is high.

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