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Italy declares war on fake Chinese products labeled “Made in Italy”

Vita Gazette: The bags, “made in Italy”, but they come from China. In Venice, an operation was carried out on Chinese leather products camouflaged with the “made in Italy” label. Over 3,700 counterfeit envelopes were seized in 9 shops. Almost 4,000 counterfeit envelopes and 15,000 labels with the words “Made in Italy” ready to be affixed to the products were found in the material warehouses of the Padua wholesale centre.

Using the reputation and the “made in Italy” label, the Italian financial police launched an operation against shops and wholesalers who sell fake Chinese products. The counterfeit products sold in the historic center are not new, but the seizures carried out by the financial police in recent days, about 8,000 leather accessories, are significant. The investigation started from a leather accessories shop run by a foreign citizen. The bags on sale were marked “made in Italy” and all the information in the window suggested that the products were the result of the quality of Italian manufacturing.

The suspicions of the yellow flame that the goods sold were not local were confirmed by a check on the databases, which made it possible to extend the checks to other 8 shops in the historic center and seize a total of 3,700 bags, all with a tag. which reported the false certificate of origin.

The investigations led the Guardia di Finanza to a wholesale trade center based in Padua and its chain networks. From the commercial documents obtained, it emerged that the country of origin of all the seized bags was China. After having searched the warehouses, the military seized 4,000 bags and 15,000 labels with the words “Made in Italy” ready to be affixed to the leather goods.

Finance reported 9 people to the Venice and Padua prosecutors. And he held them responsible for scams to trade and sell products with misleading signs. Over 3,700 were on sale in 9 shops in Venice, 4,000 were found in supply warehouses in a Padua wholesale center

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