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The three most popular cheeses in the world:

Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella and stracchino

Vita gazette – Parmigiano Reggiano is the best cheese in the world according to Taste Atlas, the online atlas of food worldwide, in its “100 best cheeses in the world” ranking 2023-2024. In fact, at the top of the Atlas ranking are three Italian cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano is in first place, buffalo mozzarella DOP is in second place, and stracchino di Crescenza is in third place.

The top 100 best cheeses in the world 2023-24: The most popular cheese for 2023 is Parmigiano Reggiano in the ranking of the 100 best cheeses in the world; buffalo mozzarella from Campania and Stracchino immediately follows. Italy has 21 cheeses in total and eight in the top twenty.

The other Italians in the ranking

Eight Italian cheeses are among the top twenty, and, above all, three are in the top three positions of the ranking of the 100 best cheeses in the world. Italy beats everyone in the annual TasteAtlas ranking to identify the one hundred best cheeses in the world based on the votes and appreciation of consumers and tourists. At the top of the unique ranking, drawn up taking into consideration 1,378 cheeses catalogued worldwide, one of the culinary symbols of Italy stands out, Parmigiano Reggiano, followed by two other local products such as Campana buffalo mozzarella and Stracchino.

Burrata is back in the top ten, in sixth place. Roman pecorino comes in 13th place, and Sardinian pecorino comes in 17th. Going down the ranking, in 30th place is straccia, in 35th place is provola, and in 40th place is burrata d’Andria. We find spicy gorgonzola (47th place) and taleggio (49th) in the middle of the ranking. At the same time, going down into the second half, stracciatella (58) and Sicilian pecorino (59). Caciocavallo Sila comes in 79th, followed by bagoss (86th) and scamorza (87th). Fontina closes the roundup of Italian cheeses in 96th place.

Also, many French and Greeks

Among the other cheeses in the ranking of the 100 most popular in the world, we find Graviera Naxos, a Greek sweet cheese, in fourth place; Queijo Serra da Estrela, a Portuguese cheese produced with sheep’s milk which comes in fifth place. Seventh and eighth position for two French cheeses, Saint-André and Reblochon. France, which ranks twenty kinds of cheese, also takes tenth place for the Monnt D’Or, preceded by the Montenegrin cheese Pljevaljski Sir. Greece is also among the most represented countries, with 19 cheeses among the 100 most popular.

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