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Quirinale: The name of the rose is still Mattarella

Vita gazette – There was no result in the presidential election yesterday. Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, the name on which the centre-right alliance converged, got 382 votes. Thus, the second important name of the country, Casellati, could not escape from being burned in the presidential fire, which the right alliance gave 71 fires. President Sergio Mattarella continued the steady increase in votes. His vote rose to 336 amid the voting storms and interview traffic.

While the dances performed at the Quirinale ball are accelerating, the number of people burned is increasing. In the 5th ballot held yesterday, Casellati was voted 382, ​​Mattarella 46, Di Matteo 38, Berlusconi 8, Cartabia 7, Tajani 7, Casini 6, abstentions 406, white votes 11′ also stayed. Casellati (proposed by the centre-right and opposed by the centre-left) did not receive the required 505 votes to be elected, with 382 votes, well short of the centre-right alliance’s total (453). Since he could not get 400 votes, which was determined as the threshold number to be proposed again in the sixth ballot, she was excluded from the game. The right alliance did not vote with 71 fires, while Pd, M5S and Leu abstained.

Negotiations between the centre-right and centre-left resumed in the afternoon. But in an environment where everyone was against everyone, the presidential race turned into a burning operation. Yesterday, talks took place between Matteo Salvini and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte. Later, Giuseppe Conte declared that he was working for “an intelligent woman president”. This view was expressed by Salvini as well. And the name Elisabetta Belloni, with an excellent education and career, came to the fore again. However, there were people who objected because Belloni was a name who worked in the secret service. Matteo Renzi and Fratelli Italia have announced that they will not support Belloni for this reason. In the following hours, Draghi and Casini opened up for discussion again. Political parties announced that they will continue their work throughout the night. This night will also be long and exciting.

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