Martorana fruit legend

Martorana fruit legend by Assunta, queen of the Italian Table The charm and mystery of Palermo are reflected in its fruits and the city. One of these is the colourful Martorana fruit. Martoranas are typical desserts prepared on November 2, the holiday commemorating deceased relatives or on the day of the deceased’s commemoration. As the […]

The journey of Carbonara, one of our pearls of taste

by Assunta, queen of the Italian Table
We know that since the beginning of time, shepherds or coal burners have prepared humble meals with eggs, bacon, pecorine and spaghetti. The journey of Carbonara, which is based on these out-of-history stories, is equally fascinating.

The Godfather : Bar Vitelli

by Ayfer Selamoğlu

I am in the fairytale town of Taormina, which is postcard beautiful in Sicily. I want to explore the mountain village, which is among the places where the movie “The Godfather” was shot, which is at the top of my list of “classic films and immortal directors”. For this, I have to go to Savoca (Sicilian: Sàvuca), a medieval town of Mesina. From Taormina, I am participating in the day tour “Il Padrino-The Godfather-Father”.

“Tiramisu” or “Cheer me up”

Tiramisu Day is celebrated every year on March 21st, the dessert celebration based on mascarpone, coffee and ladyfingers: one of the most famous and appreciated Italian recipes throughout the world. A true pastry giant, ordered and consumed throughout the peninsula.

Italy’s National Flavor Pizza

The fresco from the excavations of Pompeii proved once again that Italians ate pizza 2000 years ago… The fresco appears to depict a round focaccia surrounded by various fruits on a silver platter, including pomegranates and perhaps dates.

Befanini sweet biscuits

Befanini are typical Epiphany desserts, tasty and cute to look at, to be prepared quickly and perfect for the Epiphany stocking.

A perfect couple: Panettone and Pandoro

The most magical period has arrived, and, like every year, we are all already immersed in the enchanted atmosphere of Christmas. And we all live in Santa’s glass sphere: stars, illuminated Christmas trees, deer, magical lights and our loved ones… We are always together with our family and friends… The classic Christmas desserts, Panettone and Pandoro, are also with us… As a means of sharing our love…